Programs offered are as follows and ages are based on players age on JANUARY 1, 2019:

Blastball: 4-5 yers old - $70

5-Pitch:  6-7 years old - $95

Mites:  8-9 years old - $200*

Squirts:  10-11 years old - $200*

PeeWee:  12-13 years old - $220*

Bantam:  14-15 years old - $220*

Midget:  16-17 years old - $220*

A $5.00 convenience fee will be added to online registrations

*Please Note:  Mites, Squirts, PeeWee, Bantam and Midget registration fees include a $20 ball pants deposit which is refunded when the player returns the ball pants at the end of the season.  Registration fees for these levels also include a $50 TOURNAMENT PARTICIPATION FEE.  This fee is refunded once the player has participated in the ENTIRE tournament.

Blastball 5-pitch 2019.pdf Blastball 5-pitch 2019.pdf
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Unfortunately, we will not be accepting any more registrations in the following levels as the teams are full:

Boy Mites

Girl PeeWee 

Boy Squirt 

Mites to Midget-2019.pdf Mites to Midget-2019.pdf
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